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UNELEM Consulting Engineers is a Cyprus based engineering design consultancy. We are an independent firm of consulting engineers and designers working across on every aspect of today’s-built environment. The engineering team designs, innovates and engineers smart solutions.

Our experienced engineers are specialised in all areas of power transmission, building services and power generation from planning, development, design and project delivery. Above all, we help our clients to solve their most complex challenges and turning exciting ideas into tangible reality. For that reason, we strive to find a better way and shape an engineering world.

As an experienced consulting engineering firm, our clients rely on us for design input, technical expertise, energy efficiency, optimal building performance and renewable energy. Highly skillful team members that are able to undertake and deliver major projects in the governmental and private sectors.

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Area of Expertise

Working with end user clients, architects, developers and contractors our highly qualified and experienced engineers offer advanced electrical design solutions for projects across all sectors, capable to develop bespoke,

Working with End User Clients, Architects, Developers and Contractors we are able to develop bespoke solutions of mechanical design to get the best out of the development potential as well as being cost effective,

Realising that the use of renewable energy has become a priority, the shift to clean energy sources is most likely the only way to reverse climate change already threatening our planet. Our experienced engineers will advise you,

It is becoming increasingly clear that energy efficiency can bring many significant economic and environmental benefits. Yet it is also clear that huge energy efficiency potential remains untapped. Our energy experts can, 

Plans that aim at the extensive energy upgrade of existing homes and business. The purpose is expected to be achieved by utilising incentives in the form of non-refundable financial aid. The plans exclusively cover,

Working with end user clients, architects, developers and contractors our highly qualified and experienced engineers offer advanced desings solutions of systems in the industrial sector, capable to develop bespoke,

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Call us at +35726653765 or fill out the form.

Our aims and values underpin everything we do. Our design philosophy is one of listening both to our client needs, vision delivery, whilst pushing the boundaries of design and sustainable solutions.

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