Who we are

UNELEM Consulting Engineers is a Cyprus based engineering design consultancy. We are an independent firm of consulting engineers and designers working across on every aspect of today’s-built environment. The engineering team designs, innovates and engineers smart solutions.

Our experienced engineers are specialised in all areas of power transmission, building services and power generation from planning, development, design and project delivery. Above all, we help our clients to solve their most complex challenges and turning exciting ideas into tangible reality. For that reason, we strive to find a better way and shape an engineering world.

As an experienced consulting engineering firm, our clients rely on us for design input, technical expertise, energy efficiency, optimal building performance and renewable energy. Highly skillful team members that are able to undertake and deliver major projects in the governmental and private sectors.


Our aims and values underpin everything we do

Our design philosophy is one of listening both to our clients needs, vision delivery, whilst pushing the boundaries of design and sustainable solutions.


Why Choose Us?

1. Advanced Design Solutions

UNELEM is dedicated to creating innovated design solutions. They are of the highest quality and comply with requirements, codes and standards through consistent and measured quality control and quality assurance procedures.

2. Efficient Design Methologies

Talented team with years of relevant experience in the field of engineering, successfully completing projects of various sizes across Cyprus.

3. Professionalism

We are licensed Professional Engineers by the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Champer, the Statutory Technical Advisor and umbrella organization of Engineers (ETEK), the Electromechanical Services Department (EMS) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

4. Customer Service

Building upon the foundation of quality, we strive to deliver customer satisfaction at all times and pride ourselves on our friendly and personal customer service.

Our Skills

Design and analysis / 100%
Technical / 100%
Problem solving / 100%
Communication / 100%