Our Services

At UNELEM our talented team of electrical, mechanical and energy engineers work together to offer bespoke solutions and services to maximise the development potential and being cost effective and energy efficient. We provide services for new and refurbishment building and infrastructure projects of all sizes delivering sustainable, affordable, well-designed building services across a variety of sectors. Our talented team is skilled in the delivery of all stages of the design process from the initial concept through to detailed design and support on the construction stage.


Working with end user clients, architects, developers and contractors our highly qualified and experienced engineers offer advanced electrical design solutions for projects across all sectors, capable to develop bespoke solutions to get the best out of the development potential as well as being cost effective, energy efficient and user friendly..

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Working with End User Clients, Architects, Developers and Contractors we are able to develop bespoke solutions of mechanical design to get the best out of the development potential as well as being cost effective, energy efficient and user friendly.

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Energy Performance

It is becoming increasingly clear that energy efficiency can bring many significant economic and environmental benefits. Yet it is also clear that huge energy efficiency potential remains untapped. Our energy experts can provide numerous solutions and are fully conversant with a number of environmental assessment methods They are skilled to advise and provide guidance to clients and to the design team effectively to ensure that the correct decisions are made during the design process.

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Realising that the use of renewable energy has become a priority, the shift to clean energy sources is most likely the only way to reverse climate change already threatening our planet. Our experienced engineers will advise you on how renewable energy can be effectively integrated with building services to provide an environmentally conscious building, in both new and refurbishments buildings to minimise its environmental impact, reducing its energy consumption and its emissions. Further to that, we can provide solutions for small-to-large-scale energy production by means of photovoltaics, either on-grid and off-grid.

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