Energy Services

UNELEM realises that the use of renewable sources has become a priority, the shift to clean energy resources is most likely the only way to reverse climate change already threatening our planet. Our experienced engineers will advise you on how renewable sources can be effectively integrated with building services to provide an environmentally conscious buildings, in both new and refurbishments buildings to minimise their environmental impact, reducing their consumption and their emissions. We form close links with our clients to develop an understanding of our role in the achievement of their goals. We deliver strong technical ability in a well managed and disciplined way. Further to that, our experts can provide solutions for small-to-large-scale production by means of photovoltaics, either on-grid and off-grid.

We are able to offer a full range of renewable services including:

Feasibility studies
Planning and development
Full system design
Site layout and siting support
Energy yield prediction
Grid connection advisor
Advice on the feed-in-tariff (Net-metering/Net-billing)